5 Things You Can Do to Fight Flea Intruders

5 Things You Can Do to Fight Flea Intruders

What if we told you there are 5 things you can do to prevent fleas from taking over your pet, home, and yard? Well, you may want to perk your ears for this one! Here are five preventive steps you can take around your house and the places your pet likes to hang out to create a flea-free zone:

1. Fleas Season Is Year-Round

Don’t let cooler temperatures fool you. Fleas can live in temperatures as low as 46 degrees, and it can take up to five days of consistent colder weather in a row to kill adult fleas off. Keep in mind that fleas don’t only just hang around outdoors, they can be chilling inside on your favorite couch watching tv with you. How do they get inside? They can hitch a ride on your pet, your clothes, or on a friend or family member. The warmer temperatures in your home can be the perfect breeding ground for fleas which could leave you and your pet fighting a flea infestation for months.

2. YOU

There are several vet-quality formulas for flea and tick preventives that you can purchase over the counter. These include topicals, collars, and shampoos. Each product is labeled a pesticide since it kills fleas and ticks by storing the active ingredients in their hair follicles on the skin on your pet. Check the box to confirm which pets the product can be used on and how long the preventive lasts.

3. Read the label, read the label, read the label.
If a pesticide is misused, it can actually harm your pet. That’s why you need to what? Read the label and follow the directions closely.
  • Do not use an outdoor product indoors
  • Never use a household product directly on your pet
  • Do not use a fogger while you or your pet is in the house
  • Do not use a dog product on a cat or a cat product on a dog
  • Do not split up applications or doses between multiple pets
  • Ask your veterinarian if you have questions about what product would be right for your pet.

    4. Look Good, Feel Good.

    Whether it's’ a bath, a brushing, or a good petting session, paying close attention to your pet’s skin and coat is essential. Their skin is the largest organ in their body. Ensuring it stays clean and free from parasites is an important step to prevent issues before they become bigger problems for your pet.

    5. Cleanliness is Pet Friendliness.

    Fleas like to be in places they have plenty to eat- at least, we can relate to fleas in one way. All jokes aside, that’s why it’s essential to wash your pet’s bedding every week and keep other areas your pet frequents clean. Vacuum rugs, carpets, and other places your pet frequents, like couches; make sure to empty the canisters immediately when you are done.

    Prevention is easier & more affordable than ever. Start practicing these simple steps today to avoid possible infestations.

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