Flea & Tick Topicals Don’t Work…Unless You Follow These 6 Steps

Flea & Tick Topicals Don’t Work…Unless You Follow These 6 Steps

There are a lot of flea & tick formulas out on the market. All of which are “the best” at killing fleas & ticks. But “the best” formula can change from dog to dog, or cat to cat, which can make shopping for a solution overwhelming. To help you make the best decision for your pet, make sure the flea & tick formula you picked out checks all 6 boxes before you buy.

Pay Attention to The Package: 

  1. Weigh your pet.Do NOT guess!
    Knowing their exact weight is essential to the success of the treatment. Make sure the product selected is the proper weight category for your pet.
  1. Do NOT use dog products on catsor cat products on dogs.
    Dogs are not cats & cats are not dogs. Hopefully, that’s not a big shock to you. All products are specifically formulated with each separate species in mind.

  2. READ the label thoroughly and FOLLOW directions.
    Like “sit and stay,” but make it “read and follow.” Pay attention to the fine print on every label as every product can have slightly different requirements for application.

  3. Do NOT treat with more than one on-animal pesticideat a time.
    Fleas & ticks are not a mix-and-match product. Never mix a topical product with flea, tick collar, spray, etc. This can cause an overdose and be very dangerous to your pet’s health.

  4. Do NOT split tubesbetween your pets.
    Even if pets seem to get the same amount of liquid product, they may be getting very different amounts of active This, too, can lead to an overdose or even an underdose.

SEPARATE animals after application.

Between 24 to 48 hours, separate animals after application to prevent accidental ingestion through grooming or friendly tussles. These products are never meant to be ingested.

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